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Based on Charles Dickens' incredibly popular tale 'A Christmas Carol', 'Scrooge' is the musical adaptation that tells the story of elderly miser Ebenezer Scrooge.

Scrooge is a cruel, greedy, penny pinching businessman who detests Christmas and other people - particularly other people who are happy. He lives only for his work as a money lender and forces his clerks to work throughout the year in the dark and cold as he is too mean to give them candles or coal for light and warmth. It is at his premises that his nephew Fred arrives to invite Scrooge to celebrate Christmas with them - however he is quickly refused and shown the door. He begrudging agrees for his clerk Bob Cratchitt to have the next day off for Christmas but also tells him that he expects him back at the office even earlier the next day to account for it. Bob Cratchitt is a kindly and sympathetic man, and we are introduced to his some of his family when he leaves work for the day, including his crippled son Tiny Tim. Meanwhile as Scrooge makes his way home he bumps into various clients, reminding them of the money that they owe him.

It is on his way home that Scrooge is approached by two men collecting for charity - yet true to form Scrooge is his usual miserable self and refuses to donate even a penny. It is as he proclaims his hatred for Christmas and it's 'parasites and leeches' that he hears a disembodied voice calling his name and suddenly sees the ghostly face of Jacob Marley in place of his door knocker. Seeing a figure coming towards him swathed in sheets he believes this is another ghost come to claim him however the person reveals themselves to be his laundrywomen Mrs Dilber and Mrs Filch. After a brief exchange where they discuss the fact of Scrooge's associate Mr. Marley who had died seven years before on the very night Scrooge slams the door in their faces, quite recovered from his scare and back to being a miser. The scene ends as the audience hear the clock strike ten and the soft chimes from the bells in the background.

The scene opens with Scrooge alone in his bedchamber, going over his visit from the Phantom Marley earlier and convincing himself that his mind is simply playing tricks on him although he is clearly still shaken from the event. Again he hears the low whisper of his name and starts to look around the room frantically before once again trying to convince himself that it's just a moment of madness - however just as he starts to once again settle the spectral vision of Jacob Marley suddenly appears, banging the front door and clanking his ropes of chains.

Although initially disbelieving what he is seeing, Marley is here to tell Scrooge that he has committed great sins and that if he does not change his ways he will be forced to pay penance in the afterlife as Marley is. He tells Scrooge that three spirits will visit him that night to show him the consequences of being the man that he has become - the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Marley disappears leaving Scrooge to consider what he has just seen and been told.

Sure enough the Ghost of Christmas Past visits Scrooge, and takes him through various points of his life - showing the mistakes that Scrooge made that led to him becoming the man he is. Scrooge begins to wish that he had performed some small acts of kindness and also laments the loss of his fiance who left him when they were still young because he was too committed to his work. The audience sees that Scrooge was not always the miserable man he is, but once relished celebrating Christmas. We are shown a young Scrooge dancing at his old master Fezziwig's Christmas Party and overcoming his nerves to speak to the young woman he loves. Old Scrooge is overcome with emotion and asks to be taken back saying he does not wish to see anymore and so the Ghost of Christmas Past leaves him alone back in his bed chamber, to reflect on all the distant memories and mourn over the mistakes he made.

Just as Scrooge returns to his slumber he is suddenly awakened by a great giant - the Ghost of Christmas Present. Full of cheer and good will, this spirit has come to show Scrooge people celebrating across the city. They walk through the streets together, unseen by the other characters, and make their way to the house of Bob Cratchitt - Scrooge's clerk.

Scrooge sees that although Cratchitt's family are poor, they are still content with what they have and try to make the most of things - even if it is clear that their son Tiny Tim is seriously ill and may not live much longer. Scrooge is saddened by what he has seen - especially when Bob Cratchitt raises a toast for him - a toast that even Scrooge knows is undeserved. The Ghost of Christmas Past then takes him to a much more luxurious house, that of Scrooge's nephew Fred, where although at first they talk kindly about Scrooge the party soon descends into all the guests mocking him. Again, Scrooge is hurt and regretful about his actions in the past that have led to him having such a cruel reputation, but he is also concerned about what will be the fate for poorly Tiny Tim, as well as the Ghost of Christmas Past himself who is dwindling as the day passes. The ghost returns Scrooge to his bedchamber as the clock strikes  and once again Scrooge is left alone as his clock begins to strike for 3 o' clock in the morning.

A shadowy, cloaked figure enters the room who Scrooge guesses to be the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. A silent figure, the ghost leads Scrooge into the streets outside where the people on the streets are laughing and celebrating a cruel man's death. Scrooge asks the spirit who this hated man could be but the spirit does not answer and instead leads him to a grave where Bob Cratchitt mourns for Tiny Tim. Scrooge is greatly saddened by this sight until the spirit finally shows him his own grave - revealing the poor man who's death is cause for such celebration is Scrooge himself!

Scrooge is hysterical, pledging that he can do better until he realises he is safely back in his bedchamber - and alive! He thanks the spirits for what they have taught him and rushes out into the streets full of goodwill and charity to wish others a happy christmas. He gives money to the poor and even pays a young lad to go fetch the 'prize turkey' from the local butchers. He takes the turkey to the Cratchitt's house - although along the way he continues to spread the goodwill of season by clearing all debts owed to him & donating money. When he arrives he suprises the Cratchitt's by presenting the huge turkey to them for their Christmas feast as well as doubling Bob's salary. He also pledges to help Tiny Tim by paying for the best doctors to see to him. The musical ends as Scrooge joins with his nephew Fred, asking if he can forgive him after all these years. It is then that Tiny Tim closes the show by asking that 'God bless us everyone'.





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