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A backdrop is an excellent way to help ‘set the scene’ for your play. One of our cloths can help transport your audience to a magical world, and enhances any performance perfectly.

Booking a cloth is a sensible option if you are working within a tight budget. The affordable price means that you can order multiple cloths for a variety of different scenes but avoid cumbersome scenery changes! We have one of the largest backcloth catalogues in the country with over 1500 cloths currently in stock, so you also have plenty to choose from.

Our cloths and gauzes are all beautifully and intricately designed and hand painted by our resident scenic artist on our dedicated paint frame, and we are always adding new cloths to our catalogue and refurbishing current ones.

A well-chosen cloth can help add that special magic to any scene without breaking your budget. We also offer a fast, efficient service, so if you order a cloth in the morning it can often be with you by the very next day.
As well as cloths, we also have a large range of hand painted gauzes available to hire, as well as cycloramas, tabs, drapes, swags, legs and ruched cloths in a variety of different, vibrant colours.

With such reasonable prices, a huge selection to choose from, and fast service, booking a cloth is a cost-efficient solution if you’re working within a budget or on a tight schedule.
If you have any questions about our backcloths or would like to make a booking please get in touch with us today and we can discuss how we can help you.