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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a popular musical that shows a family of brothers on their unusual quest for love. 

The musical starts when the eldest brother Adam comes into town in search of a wife, and despite only knowing each other for a few hours he convinces Milly to marry him and to return to live with him in his cabin high up in the mountains. When they arrive Milly is shocked to find his six other brothers living there - all of them rugged mountain men and named chronologically from the Old Testament. All the brothers are unusually tall and strong - a result of their hard life working in the outdoors, and all have red hair. 

Milly quickly bonds with the brothers - taking on more of a motherly role and starts to try and instruct them on etiquette to try and make them behave more like gentleman and curb their wild ways. While the brothers resist at first it soon dawns on them that if they learn a few social skills they might be able to find wives of their own. Eventually they all go to town to try out their new dancing skills and practice their manners at a local barn-raising. 

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