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Guys & Dolls

Guys & Dolls is a well loved musical that tells the unlikely love story between infamous New York gambler Sky Masterson and Christian Missionary Sarah Brown.

Featuring settings such as the Hotbox nightclub, a city sewer and even tropical Havana in Cuba, our scenery has plenty of glitz and glamour perfect for recreating the city that never sleeps.

Guys & Dolls opens with three small time gamblers trying to find a suitable venue for 'the longest running craps game in town'. In order to get together the money for a venue they propose making a bet that they can't lose with Sky Masterson - to take a doll to dinner in Havana. Unfortunately the girl that they choose is local Christian Missionary worker Sarah Brown. Will Sky Masterson get the girl, and will Sarah manage to find the sinners she needs to save the missionary?








Uploaded linked items in this show include:

0072 Broadway 18x33 0073 Broadway - 14x30 0074 New York Street Tabs - 18x36 0075 New York Street Tabs - 14x34
0079 Sewer Backcloth - 18x30 0077 Times Square - 18x33 0078 Times Square 14x30 0080 Sewer 14x32
0081 Sewer Cut Cloth 18x33 0082 Sewer Cut Cloth 14x30 0083 Havana - 18x33 0084 Havana - 14x27
0100 New York Street 1 14x28 0101 Old New York Street - 18x33 0101B Old New York Street - 14x27 0243 Tropical Shore Night - 14x27
0076 Urban Exterior Cut - 14x30