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The Producers

Mel Brooks' smash hit 'The Producers' remains one of the funnest, most popular musicals around.

Exploring the gamble behind producing broadway shows, 'The Producers' shows lead characters Max Bialystock, a jaded broadway producer who has lost his midas touch, and Leo Bloom, a disillusioned accountant joining forces in a scam to put on a flop show and steal their investestor's money. 

They set out to find the worst show ever written and come across 'Springtime for Hitler', a 'love letter to Hitler' written by New York based Nazi Franz Liebkind. After hiring flamboyant director Roger De Bris, considered to be the worst director in town and casting Franz as the lead role in his play they are sure that they are guarenteed to put on a flop show and plan to run away to Rio with the 2 million dollars that have been raised from Max's investors - a horde of little old ladies.

Both characters are all set for their show to flop and to make their getaway to Rio, with Max's new swedish secretary-slash-receptionist and Leo's love interest Ulla in tow, however Franz accidentally breaks his leg jeopardising the show and forcing Roger to take his place on stage. Will the show all go to plan?


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