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After years of the hard-knock life at the New York City Municipal Orphanage, 11-year-old Annie decides to run away to find her parents who left her with nothing but half of a silver locket and a written promise to return. Annie sneaks out of the orphanage and comes across Sandy, an abandoned mutt who becomes her fast friend and constant companion. Soon after her escape,
the police catch up with Annie, and she is returned to the villainous orphanage director Miss Hannigan.

In the meantime, Grace Farrell, personal secretary of billionaire Oliver Warbucks, pays a visit to the orphanage. Warbucks wants to invite an orphan to visit his mansion for the Christmas holiday, and though Miss Hannigan does everything in her power to discredit Annie, Grace is drawn to the girl and is determined to take her back to the mansion.

Once Annie arrives at the mansion, she is completely in awe of her new surroundings, along with the special treatment that she is receiving. Warbucks quickly feels a deep connection with the spunk and personality of the young girl and decides to take the night off to escort Annie on a grand tour of New York City. After spending the evening with her, Warbucks decides he wants
to adopt her. When he announces his intentions to Annie, she begins to cry and explains her wish to find her parents. With this newfound information, Warbucks begins an extensive search for Annies parents, offering a reward to any couple who can prove that Annie is their daughter.

With plans to claim the reward money for her own, scheming Miss Hannigan hatches a plot with her brother Rooster and his girlfriend Lilly. Rooster and Lily disguise themselves as Annies parents, Ralph and Shirley Mudge, and they appear with Annies birth certificate, the other half of her locket, and plans to take her to New Jersey to live on a pig farm. Upon Warbucks request, the Mudges agree to let Annie spend one more night at the Warbucks mansion.

They leave with a promise to retrieve her and the reward the next day. Feeling apprehensive, Warbucks calls in a favor from his personal friend President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the FBI investigates the Mudges authenticity. The next morning the truth is revealed the Mudges are imposters and Annies real parents are unfortunately dead. After hearing the news, Annie and Warbucks
declare their love for each other as father and daughter.

Miss Hannigan, Rooster and Lilly are taken to jail and Annie introduces the rest of the orphans to her new Daddy Warbucks. She promises them they will all have a much better life in the future!


Uploaded linked items in this show include:

0559 Annie Radio Station - 18x32 somescene mark 44 0001B Hooverville - 14x33
0032 Embassy Office - 18x30 0072 Broadway 18x33 0073 Broadway - 14x30 0074 New York Street Tabs - 18x36
0075 New York Street Tabs - 14x34 0077 Times Square - 18x33 0078 Times Square 14x30 0100 New York Street 1 14x28
0101 Old New York Street - 18x33 0101B Old New York Street - 14x27 0122 Oak Panel Cut- 14x27 0122B Study Cut Interior 14x32
0290 Grand Staircase Ballroom - 18x33 0300 Green Interior - 18x30 0001 Hooverville - 18x36 art deco flat 1
White House Cabinet Room 0076 Urban Exterior Cut - 14x30 0303 Study Interior 18x34 0299 Green Panel Interior - 14x32