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Annie Get Your Gun

When Buffolo Bill's Wild West Show comes into town, Annie Oakley quickly falls in love with the show's sharpshooter, Frank Butler. Annie, an amazing sharpshooter herself, joins the show so she can win Frank. Unfortunately for Annie, Frank wants a more feminine woman and not a tomboy, gun-toting dame. Further, the fact that she can shoot better than Frank makes her his enemy. In the end, Annie lets Frank win in the sharpshooting contest. As a result, he falls in love with Annie and the two sharpshooters get married.



Uploaded linked items in this show include:

0008 Dressing Room Tent - 18x33 0010 Governors Island New York - 14x31 0009 Governors Island New York - 18x36 0005B Ship's Rail - 14x30
0007 Tent Interior - 14x32 0006 Tent Interior - 18x36 0004B Train Interior - 14x30 0004 Train Interior - 18x32
somescene mark 44 0002 Tent Exterior - 18x30 0001 Hooverville - 18x36
0005C Ship's Rail - 16x27 0003 Tent Exterior Cut - 14x29 0005 Ship's Rail - 18x32