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''Brigadoon is a wistful fantasy about two Americans who stumble on the enchanted village of Brigadoon while hunting grouse on the Scottish moors. The hero (Kelly) falls in love with beautiful Fiona (Cyd Charisse), then learns that the village materializes from the mists of time every 100 years for a single day. Fiona cannot leave with him or the village is doomed to disappear forever. Torn between his love for her and his obligation to go home to his fiancee, he returns to New York. There, his overpowering desire for Fiona and for the peace of Brigadoon cause him to break his engagement and return to Scotland in a desperate search for the village. Through the miracle of her love for him, Fiona and the village reappear, and he joins them forever.''

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0023 Brigadoon Backcloth 14x27 0016 Brockie Bothy - 14x30 0015 Brockie Bothy - 18x32 0022 Fertile Valley- 18x32
0014 Murdoch's Cottage Exterior - 14x27 0013 Murdoch's Cottage Exterior - 18x32 0017 On the Road - 18x33 0018 On The Road - 14x30
0021 Brigadoon Wood - 18x30 0021B Brigadoon Wood - 14x30 0251 Thrums - 14x30 0011 MacConnachy Square - 18x31
0012 MacConnachy Square- 14x30 0019 Ruined Kirk 14x32 0019B Ruined Kirk - 18x36 0020 Tombs Graveyard 20x40