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Calamity Jane

The year is 1876 and Calamity Jane tries to hold her own in a man's world, but she's head over heels in love with Lt Danny Gilmartin, and although she would not admit it, she kinda likes Wild Bill Hickock, too.

When the customers of the Golden Garter cause a near riot on getting a female impersonator instead of an actress, Calamity decides to go to Chicago and bring back the world-famous Adelaide Adams.

Instead, Calamity returns with Katie Brown who is a disaster at impersonating Adelaide, but soon becomes a huge hit as herself, and moves in with Calamity.

At the Fort Scully ball, however, Calamity flies into a rage when she sees Danny and Katie kissing, and orders Katie out of Deadwood.

All ends happily, though, when Calamity then finds that her real 'secret love' is none other than Bill Hickock...

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0028 Fort Scully - 14x30 0029 Fort Scully - 18x33 0027 Saloon Interior - 14x30 0026 Saloon Interior - 18x30
0170 Hostess Dressing Room - 18x31