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Call Me Madam

A musical-comedy satire on politics, foreign affairs, and an American abroad. It takes place during the Truman presidency. The main plot centers around Sally Adams who becomes Ambassador of Lichtenburg and ''charms'' the local gentry- especially Cosmo Constanstine- with her undiplomatic manner. The subplot centers around her aide Kenneth Gibson, who is falling in love with the princess (You're Just in Love). Sally also talks with President Truman on the telephone throughout the show.


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0038 Embassy Garden - 18x33 0039 Heidelburg Landscape - 14x30 0035 Lichtenburg Square - 14x30 0034 Lichtenburg Square 18x33
0037 Sally's Boudoir - 18x33 0032 Embassy Office - 18x30 0036 Embassy Interior - 18x30