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This is the tale of King Arthur, Guenevere, Lancelot, and others in Camelot. The show centers around the king and his strife to make Camelot a peaceful and happy place as others butt in and make things worse.


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Uploaded linked items in this show include:

0701 Camelot Castle -14x32 0535 Camelot Snow Castle - 18x32 0339 Jousting Tents - 14x27 0338 Jousting Tents - 18x30
0636 Winter Castle - 14x32 0388 Heraldic Shields Tabs - 18x36 0432 Castle Interior Gauzed - 18x33 0434 Castle Interior - 14x30
0435 Rex Great Hall - 14x27 0436 Castle Interior - 14x27 0437 Castle Anteroom - 18x32 0455 Castle Entrance Exterior Cut - 18x34
0764B Jousting Tournament 18x36 0438 Castle Landscape - 18x36