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Bugsy Malone

A musical set within the prohibition era in the USA.

This is a very popular musical made famous by the 1976 film starring a young Jodie Foster. A real favourite amongst schools, the cast of gangsters and their molls are involved in a fight between two crime mobs as Dandy Dan's gang try to out Fat Sam from his popular speakeasy.

Bugsy Malone, a penniless boxing promoter and hustler, tries to help Fat Sam in return for payment so that he can impress the newest singer at the speakeasy - Blousey Brown, but has unfortunately also caught the eye of Fat Sam's moll, Tallulah. As well as trying to avoid the fatal splurge guns and outsmart Dandy Dan and his gang, Bugsy also manages to find a star boxer, Leroy, and by the end of the show his luck has changed and he manages to finally get the girl.

This is a wonderful show that not only provides likeable characters, fabulous songs and a great storyline but also remains really popular with children as they re-enact the actions of famous gangsters like Al Capone and Joe the Boss with the, albeit much more comical, splurge guns. The last scene in the show when the cast realises they can all just get along usually descends into chaos with custard pies being thrown, splurge guns shooting everywhere and brilliant end number 'You Give A Little Love'.

This is a wonderful show for schools and youth groups, and is a great piece of entertainment.

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