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South Pacific

South Pacific is a story of love overcoming a racial divide.

Set on a tropical island during World War Two, 'South Pacific' follows two different love storys - that of American nurse Nellie and her romance with French plantation owner Emile, as well as American GI Joseph Cable and his Tonkinese sweetheart Liat.

As well as the blossoming romances between the two couples, the show is set within World War Two and features another storyline that look at America's war against Japan, with Emile and Cable eventually having to undertake a dangerous mission to uncover important intelligence which may lead to a breakthrough in the American's fight. The musical also looks at the racial divide between the peaceful island inhabitants and the US Navy GI's and nurses stationed there as Nellie struggles to accept and love the older Emile's children with his first wife, a polynesian woman.

This is a popular show that features some of the best loved songs from the musicals, including the famous 'I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair'. This is a show that's also very popular amongst men in the chorus as they are given the chance to dress up in the hula grass skirts and cocunut bras. Enquire now to find out details about our set for this show, and check it's availability.

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0178B Company Street Tabs - 14x34 0178 Company Street Tabs- 18x36 0174 Tropical Beach- 14x32 0173 Tropical Beach 2 - 18x33
0176 Tropical Island - 18x30 0177 Tropical Island 14x32 0181 Thanksgiving Follies - 18x36 0182 Thanksgiving Follies - 14x30
0243 Tropical Shore Night - 14x27