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For many years Aladdin has remained in the top ten of the UK's favourite pantomimes - no doubt aided by the popularity of Disney's film adaptation.

Over the years we have seen a multitude of different Aladdins all set in different locations - from the traditional China, to Disney's Arabia, to Ancient Egypt, however China still remains to be the preferred location for most performances of this pantomime.

Aladdin follows the story of a young impoverished boy who lives with his mother, Widow Twankey. A sorceror comes to their village and convinces both Aladdin and his mother that he is here to help Aladdin. However, his real intention is that he will use Aladdin to try and gain access to a magical cave filled with treasure as the sorceror wants to get his hands on a powerful magic lamp.

Whilst in the cave the sorceror tricks Aladdin and leaves him there to perish - however Aladdin now has the magical lamp and with the help of the powerful genie held captive inside he is transported back home to his mother. Aladdin uses his new found power to bring great prosperity to his family and also win him the love of the Princess Jasmine, however the sorceror is still in the shadows watching and is jealous of Aladdin as he had intended that the magic lamp should belong to him.


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Uploaded linked items in this show include:

0051 Rock Landscape - 18x27 0051B Rock Landscape Tabs - 18x35 0052 Birabeaus House Exterior - 18x33 0053 Birabeaus House Exterior - 14x30
0054 Birabeaus Interior - 14x30 0055 Birabeaus Interior - 18x27 0056 Edge of Desert Tabs - 18x30 0056B Edge of Desert - 14x30
0057 Harem - 18x30 0058 Harem - 14x33 0059 Silken Couch Cut - 18x30 0060 Silken Couch Cut - 14x34
0345 Eastern Courtyard - 18x40 0344 Palace Interior Gauzed Panels - 14x30 0343B Caliphs Diwan - 14x30 0343C Caliphs Diwan 2 - 14x32
0343 Eastern Courtyard Exterior - 18x33 0346 Eastern Street Tabs - 18x32 0347 Mosque - 18x33 0348 Mosque - 14x30
0350 Indian Market Place - 14x27 0352 Chinese Lantern Ballroom - 18x33 0354 Chinese Circle Interior - 18x33 0355 Chinese Landscape - 18x30
0355B Chinese Landscape 14x32 0359 Egyptian Tomb Interior - 14x30 0359B Egyptian Tomb Interior - 18x30 0360 Cave Exterior - 18x30
0361 Cave Exterior Cut 14x30 0362 Cave Exterior - 14x27 0363 Aladdin Prologue - 14x27 0364 Chinese Street Tabs - 14x27
0365 Chinese Street - 18x30 0366 Chinese Street Tabs - 18x30 0367 Chinese Street Facade - 18x30 0375 Chinese Street - 14x30
0587B Chinese Street No. 2 - 14x30 0368 Chinese Laundry - 18x33 0369 Chinese Laundry 1 - 14 x 30 0369B Chinese Laundry No. 2 - 14x27
0370 Chinese Restaurant - 18x30 0371 Chinese Restaurant - 14x30 0372 Cave Interior - 18x30 0373 Cave Interior - 16x30
0374 Cave Interior - 14x27 0587 Chinese Street No 2 18x36