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Anything Goes

'Anything Goes' is a fast paced, fun musical set aboard the SS American as it travels from Reno to England.

Wall Street broker Billy Crocker has fallen for a girl that he has only briefly met before, but plans to follow her onto the SS American in the hopes that they can fall in love together. Billy stows aboard the ship after seeing the girl at the docks and soon finds out her name, Hope Harcourt, and that she's with travelling with her mother and fiance Lord Evelyn Oakleigh back to England. Also on board is his friend, and unrequited love interest Reno Sweeney - an evangelist turned nightclub singer who still has feelings for Billy although he doesn't return them.

Two passengers that have also snuck on board using fake identities are gangster Moonface Martin (Public Enemy 13) and his girlfriend Bonnie - who have disguised themselves as a minister and a missionary. They accidentally leave behind their gang leader Snake Eyes Johnson (Public Enemy No 1) and so give his fake passport and ticket to Billy in return for his inadvertantly helping them come aboard.

Whilst on the trip Billy manages to woo Hope, and convinces Reno to help him out by trying to win over Evelyn himself. However a spanner is put in the works when a telegram is recieved on ship that Public Enemy Number One is on board - and they think it's Billy! Billy now has to adopt a variety of disguises from crew member to a Chinese traveller to avoid detection and arrest and stay close to Hope.

When they finally dock in England the troupe end up at Oakleigh's estate - trying to convince Hope to marry Billy instead. However whilst they find out that both Evelyn and Hope are unhappy with the prospective marriage they also realise that the whole proposal is part of a business merger and that Evelyn's Uncle has actually tricked Hope into her thinking her company needs help when actually it is worth millions! The whole deal is called off and the musical has a happy ending with Billy marrying Hope and Evelyn and Reno also getting hitched.



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