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The Boy Friend

Set in the Roaring Twenties on the sunny French Riviera, The Boy Friend is a brilliant comedy musical full of toe-tapping musical numbers, and a hilarious storyline.

The musical starts at Mme Dubonnets School for Young Ladies, where a group of impressionable young girls are excited about the upcoming costume ball. New girl Polly Browne arrives and, desperate to fit in, lies about a made up boyfriend who will be motoring down from Paris to attend the ball from her. Polly feels left out as all the other girls have boyfriends - however when she meets errand boy Tony, who is delivering her costume, there is an instant spark between the two.

Later on the cast find themselves on the beach, Polly and Tony once again find themselves meeting and Polly lies about her wealth in order to fit in. They are later discovered by maid Hortense but she promises to Polly that she will keep her secret. Still at the beach the characters of Lord and Lady Brockhurst and introduced - with Lord Brockhurst being a bit of a letch. There is controversy later when they recognise Tony on the promenade and he runs off - leaving everyone to assume that he must be a thief. Meanwhile, Polly's father Percival Browne and Mme Dubonnet have realised that they are old flames. Whilst at the beach there is a suggestion that they still hold a candle for one another. 

Later on at the ball the boys all propose to the girls who all answer that they will give their reply at midnight. Polly is upset as Tony is not there, and when Hortense runs into Tony she convinces him to go to the ball as Polly loves him as much as he loves her. He later suprises Polly at the ball and asks if she will dance with him, however she refuses saying that she does not dance with strangers. He unmasks himself and is revealed to be Lord and Lady Brockhurst's missing son who had run away to make his own way in the world. Polly then reveals the truth that actually she is very wealthy as well. The musical ends with everyone dancing together - the girls all reply yes to the boys proposals as the clock strikes midnight and Mme Dubonnet and Percival Browne also reveal their engagement to one another.


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