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Cinderella is probably the world's most popular pantomime, fairy story and all round favourite Princess. Even today people describe that 'Cinderella moment' of finding the perfect dress for an occasion such as a ball or wedding.

Although the original Cinderella fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm is quite macabre the pantomime version tends to stick to the more 'Disney' version of the tale.

Cinderella is born of a noble family but sadly loses her Mother very young - although she is hugely loved by her Father, he makes a poor choice in his second marriage and then promptly dies himself leaving her with a Wicked Stepmother and the two Ugly Sisters, who are both so ugly that they are played by men on the stage.

Whilst her stepmother lavishes attention on her own daughters and absolutely spoils them - perhaps through jealousy as Cinderella is an extraordinary beauty and full of grace, poor Cinderella is forced to become the family's servant and now spends her days working, cooking and cleaning.

One day an invitation to a grand ball arrives for all the ladies of the household. The Prince of the kingdom is at an age where it is time to marry and so the King has requested that all the elligble young ladies of the kingdom attend the palace so that he may choose a wife. Whilst the ugly sisters and the stepmother work themselves into a frenzy - convinced that one of them will most likely be chosen, Cinderella resigns herself to the fact that although she hopes she could go to the ball she will probably be left behind. As she despairs however a Fairy Godmother shows herself, promising that Cinderella shall go to the ball! She fashions a beautiful carriage out of a pumpkin, footmen out of mice and then transforms Cinderella's dowdy work clothes into a beautiful ball gown fit for a Princess. Before Cinderella leaves though she is given strict instructions that she must return before the clock strikes twelve as that is when the magic will end and Cinderella will transform back into her usual self.

Cinderella has a fabulous time at the ball and manages to totally enchant the Prince - he chooses to dance with her and only her for the whole night, making the ugly sisters exceptionately jealous of the mysterious young lady. However Cinderella loses track of time and is forced to flee as the clock begins to strike midnight - leaving a glass slipper behind in her haste to leave the palace.

The next day the Prince sets out to find who the mysterious young woman was as he has fallen in love and wishes to marry her. With only a glass slipper left behind as a clue he embarks on a mission to make every lady who attended the ball try on the slipper in the hopes that he will find The One.

When they finally arrive at Cinderella's home she is banished upstairs by the stepmother so that she does not have a chance to try on the shoe. Both the ugly sisters fight over the shoe horrendously - and in some productions even break it, however somehow Cinderella manages to escape back downstairs and is able to produce the other shoe - putting it on to show that it fits perfectly!

The show has a happy ending for Cinderella who marries Prince Charming and goes with him to live at the castle - and although she chooses to forgive her wicked stepmother they are forced to live out the rest of their days in disgrace.


Uploaded linked items in this show include:

0017 On the Road - 18x33 0018 On The Road - 14x30 0021 Brigadoon Wood - 18x30 0021B Brigadoon Wood - 14x30
0114 Petruchio's House Interior - 18x32 0114B Petruchios House Interior 14x32 0168 Apartment 18x31 0264 Sorcerer House Exterior - 18x33
0265 Sorcerer House Exterior - 14x29 0266 Lilac Time House Exterior - 18x30 0268 Inn Gates Tabs - 14x32 0269 Palace Gates - 14x30
0270 Palace Gates - 18x30 0271 Belvedere - 18x33 0273 Hotel Ballroom Blue - 18x33 0276 Pink Ballroom - 18x32
0277 Pink Ballroom with Gauzed Window - 14x30 0279 Gilt Ballroom - 18x33 0279B Gilt Ballroom - 14x32 0290 Grand Staircase Ballroom - 18x33
0384 Panto Palace Interior - 18x30 0385 Ballroom - 14x30 0386 Lily Ballroom 18x32 0392 Royal Palace - 16x30
0583 Pavilion Ballroom - 14x30 0583B Pavilion Ballroom 18x36 0591 Yellow Ballroom - 14x27 0619 Italian Ballroom - 14x30
0620 Green Ballroom - 18x36 0750 Ballroom Cream and Gold -18x36 0750B Cream and Gold Ballroom 14x32 0767 Yellow Gilt Ballroom -18x36
0784 Pink Gilt Ballroom 18x36 0799 Blue Ballroom 14x32 0862 Palace Interior 20x40 0287 Panto Kitchen 14x30
0291 Nottingham Street - 14x29 0292 Medieval Square 18x33 0408A Tumbledown Town 2 - 18x36 408B Tumbledown Town - 14x32
0409 Village Square - 14x32 0410 Street 1 18x36 0410B Street No.1 - 14x32 0412 Street No.2 - 18x33
0413 Street 2 14x30 0414 Old Nottingham Street 14x30 0414B Old Nottingham Street - 18x32 0414C Old Nottingham Street - 18x32
0532 Street No 4 - 14x30 0609 Street No. 4 - 18x32 0817 Village Square 2 20x40 0865 Village Street 3 18x36
0405 Merryvale 18x33 0406 Merrivale - 14x27 0407 Tumbledown Town 1 - 18x30 0376 Cinderella Kitchen - 18x30
0376B Cinderella Kitchen 14x32 0381 Kitchen No 3 - 14x30 0550 Kitchen Cut - 18x32 0568 Kitchen No 2 - 14x32
0810 Kitchen No. 3 - 18x36 0831 Cottage Interior 18x36 G001 Cinderella Kitchen 18x36 G002 Cinderella Kitchen Gauze - 14x32
G096 Kitchen 2 - 18x32 0387 Ugly Sister's Boudoir (U.V.) - 14x30 0387B Ugly Sister Boudoir (U.V.) - 18x33 0860 Winter Street 2 18x36
0438 Castle Landscape - 18x36 0648 Lord Mayor's Mansion - 14x32 0648B Lord Mayor's Mansion 18x36