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Me & My Girl

'Me and My Girl' is set in the 1930s and begins as an aristocratic family, the Harefords, search for the legitimate heir of the last Earl of Hareford. Unfortunately for them, this ends up being Bill Snibson, a common cockney from Lambeth who was a result of a tryst between the Earl and a girl from less desirable roots. The Earl had secretly married the girl and had a child, although the marriage was only a brief one.

As he is not one of the Aristocracy and doesn't yet have the 'polish' that is needed to meet the requirements set by the Earl's Will, in order to gain the inheritance of the title and the estate Bill must impress the executors of the Will - the snooty Maria, Duchess of Dene and Sir John Tremayne. The Duchess believes she can help Bill become a proper gentleman, however she does not approve of his girlfriend from Lambeth, Sally Smith. She plans a fancy party for Bill to properly introduce him to society however purposefully does not invite Sally. Later Sir John suggests to Sally that she should go back home to Lambeth with Bill, but he is eventually moved by her heartfelt declaration of love for Bill.

At the party Bill does his best to act like a real gentleman with airs and graces and impress the guests, however his act soon starts to slide. Sally suddenly shows up with their friends from Lambeth and tells Bill that she is going to be back to where she belongs, and although Bill agrees, the first act of the musical finishes with him teaching the nobility how to do 'The Lambeth Walk'.

When Act Two opens, Bill is preparing to make a speech to the House of Lords, dressed in a coronet and 'vermin trimmed' peer's robes. Sally is preparing to leave for Lambeth and tells Bill that he should marry someone more appropriate for his new wealth and status and, obviously in agreement, the portaits of Bill's ancestors begin to wake up and sing to remind him of his noblesse oblige. However Sir John Tremayne arrives to offer them help, having been touched by Sally's previous declaration of love he suggests that Sally can impress the Duchess by working with a speech professor.

Whilst Sally is away Bill misses her terribly, so much so that even the Duchess begins to realise how much Sally means to Bill. She decides to put on another party and, swept away with feelings of romance she even accepts Sir John's marriage proposal. However later on at the party Bill finally decides to go home and so dresses in his cockney garb and begins to pack up. As he goes upstairs Sally arrives in the party, dressed in a beautiful ballgown and tiara, but she suprises everyone when she finally speaks and reveals a beautiful cut-glass accent. Bill is overjoyed as his family finally accepts them both and they can finally be together. 



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