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Mother Goose

Mother Goose is a much loved pantomime with important lessons about happiness and being content and thankful for what you have.

There are lots of different adaptations to the story of 'Mother Goose' and each society often likes to put their own stamp on their production - however the main 'gist' follows roughly the same pattern.

Mother Goose is in great trouble with the Squire and his Bailiff's as she cannot afford to pay her rent, and they are threatening to throw her off their land. However she soon meets another goose who quickly becomes friends with Mother Goose and is able to help her with her predicament as she, luckily, is able to lay golden eggs. Unbeknownst to Mother Goose, this magical goose has been sent specially by the Good Fairy to help her. 

The Demon King is talking with the Good Fairy that claims that nobody is ever content with what they have, a statement that the Good Fairy totally disagrees with - using Mother Goose as an example. They agree to bet on it.

The Demon King believes that Mother Goose will have been corrupted by her new found wealth from the golden eggs and decides to try and tempt her with something that she does not have - youth and beauty. He offers to swap her golden egg laying goose in exchange for her being able to visit a magical pool that will make her beautiful and young again and Mother Goose eagerly agrees. However, later on she regrets the decision and realises that wealth and beauty is not everything and instead she misses the companionship of her friend.Mother Goose sets out to find her friend, an adventure which usually requires her to visit the magical Goose Palace' but luckily she succeeds and so the pantomime ends with them all living happily ever after.

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