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In the gloomy streets of a Victorian London, Oliver is set amongst several locations - the dingy workhouse, the creepy undertakers, Fagin's gangs lair and finally the beautiful house of Mr Brownlow.

The show follows Olivers journey from rags to riches as he inadvertabtly becomes part of London's criminal underworld after being sold into an apprenticeship and escaping his tormentors, until his good fortune where he and his friends are adopted by the kindly, and wealthy Mr Brownlow.

This is a very popular musical for schools and youth groups and features some well loved songs including 'Consider Yourself,' 'Food Glorious Food', 'You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two'.

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Uploaded linked items in this show include:

0127 Wimpole Street - 18x33 0128 Wimpole Street - 14x28 0144 Workhouse - 18x33 0145 Workhouse - 14x30
0146 New Street - 18x30 0147 London Street St Paul's - 14x32 0148 London Street Posters - 14x27 0148B London Street - Posters - 18x32
0149 Oliver Street Tabs - 18x36 0150 Oliver Street Tabs - 14x30 0151 Pub Interior - 18x30 0151B Pub Interior - 14x30
0152 Thieves Kitchen - 18x33 0153 London Skyline Evening - 18x36 0153B London Skyline 14x32 0153A London Skyline Evening - 18x30